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Decide if you want to book your own dates or join a pre-arranged trip. Joining a trip is slightly less expensive but is only available on certain dates (all dates can be found on the booking page for each trip type).

If you’re unsure about which trip type you’prefer or which kinds of dates you would like, simply leave your name and email in the form below and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you with personalized recommendations based on your answers to three drop-down multiple choice answers.


If you know where and when you want to go, you can either pay a deposit to secure your spot (and take until up to two weeks before departure to pay the remainder) or you can pay in full off the bat. If you are pretty sure, kind of unsure, or anywhere in the middle, contact a member of the TREE team at 1-866-314-8733 or and we can help to guide you.


Once you book, you will receive immediate confirmation of your trip with a welcome email, followed by a detailed trip itinerary (including the meetup point), packing list, FAQ list, and other information within a few days of signing up. At any time along the way you can contact us and we’ll be here to make sure you’re happy with everything regarding your trip.

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Fill this form and we will let you know our recommendations
Jordan will instantly connect with you, and then connect you to the locals and the environment. He totally makes you feel at ease... you’ll feel like you’re traveling with your best friend while learning about all the local ecology and nature. The places he takes you aren’t your typical tourist spots. So if you’re ready to experience the REAL Caribbean... go with TREE. I highly recommend it.
— Ryan Dolan, George Town, CI
Two friends and I went down to Belize on a TREE trip earlier this year. Jordan took us hiking through the jungle to amazing secluded waterfalls and cliff jumping that only the locals knew about. He also took us to the tops of Mayan pyramids and snorkeling with turtles, all kinds of fish, and even sharks. Throughout our trip, Jordan impressed us with his knowledge of the forests, the surrounding countryside, the animals, the geopolitical climate of the region, the fish, and the environmental problems of the region, all while making us feel like we were on vacation and having discussions with one of our oldest friends. I would highly recommend booking a trip with TREE to anyone who enjoys the outdoors and actually wants to get out of the resort and enjoy the countryside like the locals do.
— Durrell Quarles, Los Angeles, CA