The fairest isle mine eyes ever beheld.


These were the words attributed to Christopher Columbus upon landing on Jamaica's shores in 1494. Over 500 years later, there are many people that would still agree with the controversial explorer. Jamaica's natural beauty and rich history have combined to create one of the best places on earth. Perfect beaches, lush green mountainsides, beautiful waterfalls, and one of the strongest cultures in the world can all be found if you get past the cruise ships and all-inclusive resorts. There may be more to experience in Jamaica, pound-for-pound, than anywhere else. Don't believe us? Come see for yourself!

Jamaica is arguably the most recognizable country of its size in the world. Musically, there is no equal. From the legendary stylings of Bob Marley to the modern dancehall and reggae scenes, Jamaicans have always provided the world with great music. In athletics, the fastest human being in history hails from Trelawny parish, and Jamaicans finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the 200m sprint at the 2012 Olympics. Jamaica is also one of the best cricket nations in the world and is home to one of the best players ever (Chris Gayle). In film, Cool RunningsPirates of the Caribbean and Shottas are just a few of the many with Jamaican backdrops. You can also find the food of the island worldwide, along with the quintessential ONE LOVE vibe. Not bad for a country of only 3-million people.

At TREE we aim to get past the tourist spots and get into the land. We get into the lush green forests and picturesque waterfalls that islanders have long cherished and most tourists miss out on. We seek out beaches away from the crowds and get to know some of the people in this great country. We will, however, still see a couple of the well-known tourists spots because some places are just too good to pass up. Your Jamaica experience with TREE will be a unique exploration of some of the most beautiful forests, beaches, waterfalls. and cultures in the Caribbean. Your participation will also help contribute to sustainability and conservation efforts on the island. Can't wait to experience Jamaica? Neither can we! It's impossible to get enough of the best island in the world. 

Highlights of TREE Jamaica Trips

  • Hike the famous Blue Mountains and learn about protected area management

  • Waterfalls, upon waterfalls, upon waterfalls in beautiful surroundings

  • Go upriver on a bamboo raft with crocodiles lining the shores

  • Hike through tropical rainforest and arrive at beaches where less tourists frequent

  • Surf the east coast with locals

  • Learn about the impacts of tourism and the promise of sustainable ecotourism

  • Learn about the trees, animals, and ecological connections of Jamaica's flora and fauna

  • Experience the real contemporary culture of the countryside and in the capital of Kingston, where the art scene is rapidly expanding and the music is as good as ever

  • Enjoy jerk chicken, rice & peas, bammy bread, coco bread, festival, patties, peanut porridge, ackee and saltfish, bullas, and more

  • Jump from the famous Rick's Cafe after relaxing on famous 7 Mile Beach










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