The best kept secret in South America, the Caribbean, and maybe the world


What if there was a country in which over 85% of the land was covered in forests and had a less than 1% deforestation rate? What if this same country contained massive waterfalls, pristine jungles, and more biodiversity than any other place its size in the world? What if, in addition to the natural wonders, this country had a vibrant culture and spoke English as the official language, yet received less than half the annual number of tourists as Haiti? Sounds too good to be true? Soon, it just may be. When the world discovers what Guyana has to offer, expect the untouched to become touched by development.

1,263 known species of amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles, and 6,409 species of plants - plus many more that have yet to be discovered - call Guyana home. Within these forests you can expect to find amazing animals, including the world's largest snake (anaconda), venomous snake (bushmaster), otter (giant river otter), caiman (black caiman), freshwater turtle (giant river turtle), and freshwater fish (arapaima), as well as the Americas' largest cat (jaguar), eagle (harpy eagle), and bat (false vampire bat). The dense jungles are also home to tapirs, ocelots, giant anteaters, margays, jaguaroundis, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, blue and gold macaws, capuchins, pumas, sloths, piranhas, freshwater stingrays, electric eels, cabybaras, agoutis, screaming pihas, and tarantulas that are heavier than small mammals. Entymology enthusiasts will never be bored (more than 90% of the species found in Guyana are insects) and bird watchers will enjoy some of the best birding on the planet with over 800 species sighted within the country!

If you love nature, adventure, and true exploration, Guyana is for you. Come and see the world's biggest single-drop waterfall, walk among the treetops along suspension bridges, and have a true cultural experience - with welcoming people that see few tourists - before word gets out!


Highlights of TREE Guyana Trips

  • Marvel at the 741-foot high and 333-foot wide Kaieteur Falls, the largest single drop waterfall anywhere in the world

  • Walk along more than 500 feet of suspension bridges -100 feet high in the treetops at the Canopy Walkway

  • Go upriver monitoring the mighty Essequibo River

  • Hike to the top of Turtle Mountain and enjoy the panaormaic views of the entire rainforest!

  • Go bird-watching with some of the best birding guides in the Amazon

  • Spend the night in a hammock under a tarp in the jungle (for those brave enough!)

  • Explore the Iwokrama forest trails and enjoy the serene eco-lodges in absolute tranquility

  • Learn about the impacts of tourism and the promise of sustainable ecotourism in Guyana, and learn about the world-renown conservation efforts of the Iwokrama International Center for Rainforest Conservation and Development (IIC)

  • Learn about the trees, animals, and ecological connections of Guyana's flora and fauna

  • Go searching for jaguars and caimans at night; search for monkeys and tapirs during the day

  • Experience the real contemporary culture of the Amerindian villages and in the capital of Georgetown, with some of the most authentic locals you will ever meet

  • Enjoy delicious Guyanese food, a unique combination of Creole and Indian dishes such as roti, curry chicken, chana, cook-up rice, pepperpot, cheeserolls, cheeseflaps, and bake!

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