The same, but different

It's amazing that two people can visit the same exact place and come away with such different opinions that they are not, for all intents and purposes, actually visiting the same place. This makes me wonder if anywhere is objectively any way at all.

I'm also amazed how this can apply to an individual, not just a comparison between people. I've reflected on everywhere I've been for any considerable amount of time - Belize, Guyana, Jamaica, Malta, North Dakota, California - and the same thing can be said for each: My perception of each place now differs dramatically from my first days or even weeks in all of these locations. The cities and forests didn't change, besides the usual progressions, but my mental map grew as I gained familiarity and my surroundings changed in turn. The objective reality stayed the same but my experiences changed my subjective reality. 

This begs the question: What is reality, really?

Does anybody know?