The adventure lover's dream


Tropical pine forests, palm covered mountains, treed savannahs, endless caves, Mayan ruins, waterfalls, exotic islands, and the largest living coral reef in the world. You better Belize it!

This is a country where the crystal clear Caribbean waters are teeming with life. The forests are alive with beneficial trees and medicinal plants. The old culture of the Mayans is still felt as the newer cultures of the Mestizo, Garifuna, and Creole people greet you with open arms. But the best news may be that there are so many reserves that nearly half of Belize is covered by protected areas. It is also an ecology and conservation lover's dream. 

Most people that visit this once secret jewel of a nation arrive via cruise ship and spend less than a day ashore. Not only is that problematic for the environment, but those that fail to stay even overnight in this beautiful country are missing out on more than they could ever know. With the teeming biodiversity of both the reefs and the forests, vibrant and diverse cultures, excellent food & drink, and more adventures than you could experience in a year, Belize needs time to be appreciated. At TREE we make the most of our time. We get deep into the forests and the waterfalls. We get out into the reefs and explore with our fins and masks. We use locally owned and operated research stations, lodges, and restaurants, and explore protected areas that benefit from our usage. It's impossible to see all of Belize in less than 10 days. BUT we guarantee that you will experience more than you thought possible during your stay, all while learning about ecological connections and contributing to conservation efforts in the forests and in the reefs. You better Belize it!


Highlights of TREE Belize Trips

  • Hike the Maya Mountains and learn about the many uses of all the trees and plants

  • Explore Mountain Pine Ridge, an amazing expanse of natural mid-elevation tropical pine forests with major sites such as Big Rock Falls, Rio Frio Cave, Rio On Pools, and more!*

  • Trek through Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the world's first and only jaguar preserve, and spot rare birds, float down one of the reserve's creeks, and hike to the magnificent Tiger Fern double waterfall!

  • Overnight at the Tiger Fern peak in a tent or sleep out under the incredibly starry sky

  • Climb ancient Mayan Ruins and view the forests from above

  • Snorkel the largest living coral reef remaining in the world - glimpse many different types of fish, rays, eels, lobster, nurse sharks, and the invasive lionfish (and if you're lucky enough you may see dolphins and manatees too!)

  • Search for dolphins and manatees aboard a research vessel*

  • Kick back in a hammock and enjoy the Belizean way of life, both while in the jungle and while on one of the many sun-splashed islands

  • Learn about the trees, plants, corals, animals, and ecological connections of Belize's biodiversity rich rainforests and reefs

  • Experience the real contemporary culture of the Mestizo, Creole, and Garifuna, plus learn about some Mayan traditions that have survived until present day

  • Explore tropical fruit gardens, complete with tangerines, sugarcane, bananas, cacao, breadfruit, oranges, and more

  • Hand-pick cacao from the trees and then grind it on traditional Mayan stone - add locally produced sugar if you like or try it straight

  • Enjoy rice & beans with bake chicken, potato salad, and a plantain - a meal that never gets old. Also feast on fry jacks, fried chicken, salbutes, papusas, tacos, burritos, fresh seafood, and the freshest tortillas

  • Climb, swim, crawl, and wiggle through caves all over the interior of the country - if you dare