TREE Adventure trips are the heart and soul of what we’re about. Combining the most breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant landscapes, and welcoming cultures with conservation in rainforests and reefs - these trips are more than ordinary travel. They are unique experiences that positively affect both the participants and the environments they visit. Click on any of the images below to explore options or leave your email at the bottom to request more detailed itineraries.


Mayan ruins, waterfalls, and reef snorkeling - plus conservation inland and underwater


Nature, culture, and good vibes


The most pristine rainforest - and the most meaningful place for conservation

Three-Country Exploration

See everything all at once in Belize, Guyana, and Jamaica

Travelling to Belize with TREE was one of the best decisions I ever made! I can’t believe the amount of adventures we had in 8 days!
— Zandra Thomson from "Life With Zandra" (@lifewithzandra)