What is TREE about?

Pristine Nature

At the heart of every TREE trip lies the heart of the jungle. From the depths of the Amazon in Guyana, to the Pine Ridge and Maya Mountain forests of Belize, to the hidden Blue Mountain forests of Jamaica, we go places where flora and fauna reign supreme. Although we love and appreciate the importance of trees, we do not limit our exposure to solely forests. We explore all of what these landscapes have to offer, including massive waterfalls, lively rivers, shrouded lagoons, ancient caves, secluded beaches,  limestone cayes, and the largest living coral reef in the world. TREE also strives to create content promoting environmental awareness and scientific literacy through our blog, podcasts, videos, and public speaking events.


Cultural Interaction

Visiting any country, no matter how beautiful the landscapes may be, is incomplete without experiencing the local culture. Everyone at TREE is either from one of the destination countries, or has lived in one (or more) of these countries for several years, ensuring a family-style experience for all visitors. In addition, all vendors, lodging, food, and excursions are locally owned and operated. You will be invited to barbecues, parties, rum shops, HHH runs, sporting events, and even people's homes - it will be up to you how many events you would like to attend.


Rainforest Conservation 

TREE is deeply rooted in conservation through its classroom-free EEE (experiential environmental education) platform, ecotourism standards, and funding of protected areas and local community development. TREE operates almost exclusively in protected areas with a focus on conservation, so simply by staying in these areas and going on these excursions you will be contributing to tropical rainforest and reef conservation. Participants will also learn about ecosystem services, the importance of biodiversity, roles of protected areas, and principles of sustainability. The result is improved ecological literacy and a better understanding of what living sustainably truly entails. 

Conservation through exploration.

It's what we do.

 * * * * *

Two friends and I went down to Belize on a TREE trip earlier this year. Jordan took us hiking through the jungle to amazing secluded waterfalls and cliff jumping that only the locals knew about. He also took us to the tops of Mayan pyramids and snorkeling with turtles, all kinds of fish, and even sharks. Throughout our trip, Jordan impressed us with his knowledge of the forests, the surrounding countryside, the animals, the geopolitical climate of the region, the fish, and the environmental problems of the region, all while making us feel like we were on vacation and having discussions with one of our oldest friends. I would highly recommend booking a trip with TREE to anyone who enjoys the outdoors and actually wants to get out of the resort and enjoy the countryside like the locals do.
— Durrell Quarles | Los Angeles, California | *****
‘Trip of a lifetime’ ‘local experiences’ and ‘super informative’ are some of the thoughts you can walk away with from a TREE experience. TREE is great with planning fantastic excursions while also taking advantage of spontaneous things that unfold on the fly. If you are into learning about the local culture and history, or just want to explore nature, TREE will defiantly accommodate. I would highly recommend taking a trip with this organization. The few extra bucks for a TREE trip vs your own not only contributes to conservation, but will give you a deeper understanding of the country you visit and make lifelong memories that you wont forget!
— Sean Elliot | Calgary, Alberta | *****
We toured around Jamaica with Jordan. Not only does he connect with the local people, he knows all the little spots to check out along the adventure! He makes traveling feel purposeful and easy. Not only that, his knowledge of the ecosystems, wildlife and trees makes you come away more educated while you get cultured.
— Dana Dolan | George Town, Cayman Islands | *****
Jordan will instantly connect with you, and then connect you to the locals and the environment. He totally makes you feel at ease... you’ll feel like you’re traveling with your best friend while learning about all the local ecology and nature. The places he takes you aren’t your typical tourist spots. So if you’re ready to experience the REAL Caribbean... go with TREE. I highly recommend it.
— Ryan Dolan | George Town, Cayman Islands | *****
Last Spring, me and my best friend headed to Central America on the trip of a lifetime. We literally didn’t have to worry about a thing. Jordan planned our flights, our buses, our boats and all our travel needs. Being with him made you feel safe in such a distant country. He knew all the local hotspots and was able to guide us through many jungles, off the beaten path, to see treasures we may have not seen if we were to take a more “Americanized” tour. We had our own private guide who knew the jungle and the islands like his own backyard. He was also able teach us a great amount about the culture and the environment of the places we had visited. Would definitely recommend to a friend!
— Taylor Majdell | Calgary, Alberta | *****